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Here you will find links to a selection of the best freeware Benchmarks for pushing the PC to its limits with stunning visual effects. If you have any recommendations or comments please feel free to email me with them or write a review.


Download Aquamark 3

AquaMark3 allows PC users to easily measure and compare the performance of their current and next-generation PC systems. It provides a reliable benchmark which helps users to configure their systems for the best gaming performance.

The AquaMark3 executes a complete state-of-the-art game engine and generates 3D scenes designed to make the same demands on hardware as a modern game. The utilized game engine, the krass?Engine, has been used in Aquanox and AquaNox 2: Revelation as well as in the upcoming RTS Spellforce by Phenomic Game Development. It is accepted industrywide and well-known to deliver high-performance graphic effects with superior quality.

Technically, AquaMark3 utilizes recent hardware features of the new DirectX 9 API, such as PixelShader 2.0, while staying fully backward compatible to DirectX 8 and 7 graphics hardware. The graphics and game engine features activated can be configured in fine detail to allow the performance measurement to be adjusted appropriately for the target system.

Download Codecreatures

The Codecreatures engine demo picks you up and transports you into a world where the birds are singing, butterflies flutter past densely foliated trees, the water in the pond gently splashes up on the shore, and the grass sways in the breeze. Sunlight drips over rolling hills and pokes through the tree leaves before reflecting off of the pond’s surface. Although there are no beverages in this world, if there were, you can bet there would be ice-cold lemonade. In order to demonstrate their next generation game development system, German company Codecult immerses you in one of the most lush, photo-realistic, “living nature scenes of all time! With the latest Codecreatures engine demo, Codecult harnesses the power of the GeForce4 Ti polygon throughput and shading technology of the nfiniteFX engine to unleash their creativity. Each scene spans 250,000 to 1,000,000 triangles. Combining these massive amounts of geometry with rich, intricate textures, this demo features everything the new GeForce4 Ti has to offer. The GeForce4 Ti vertex shaders of the GeForce4 Ti inject an extra dose of vitality into the glorious Codecult world by enabling countless blades of waving grass, rolling water with real-time reflection and refraction, and a realistic sky dome with correct atmospheric lighting.

Download Dacris Benchmark

Dacris Benchmarks is a program that tests, compares, and optimizes your system. Version 5.0 is an exciting new upgrade to this benchmarking program. It has been completely rebuilt for stability and simplicity. Based on a new plug-in DLL architecture, it allows users to make their own tests and optimizations.

Download Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens

Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens is a technology demo and benchmarking utility for DirectX 7, with full support for hardware transform and lighting. Explore the alien landscape of Dagoth Moor on your own, or just run the benchmark to measure your computer's performance under real-world DirectX 7 3D gaming conditions.

Download DroneZmarK

DroneZmarK is a next-generation benchmark / rolling demo exploiting the latest in 3D technology. We took a lot of gameplay scenes and assembled together in the game engine to provide a stunning rolling demo (non-interactive) of the game that also serves as an OpenGL benchmark. Unlike the game, this benchmark requires a hi-spec machine to work, especially in terms of memory. Due to the incredible amount of artwork included, in fact, 256 Mb of RAM are required to enjoy the maximum quality.

Download Futuremark Benchmarks is a benchmark software developer and an internet-based services provider. Powered by a series of internet-enabled benchmarks and the world's largest computer performance information database, they have become a leading provider of computer performance products and services. Products include: PCMark0, 3DMark06, 3DMark05 and SPMarkJava06.

Download GL Excess

GL Excess has quickly become one of the most widespread and reliable 3D benchmarking utilities. Add to this the fact that it shows some real nice eye candy and that it is completely free and you've got a mandatory download!

Download Gun Metal Benchmark

The Benchmark intentionally incorporates features and functions that are designed to really push the latest DirectX 9 compatible 3D accelerators to the limit and therefore the speed of the benchmark should not be taken as representative of the speed of the game.

Download N-Bench 3

N-Bench is a Benchmark program that is capable of CPU performance and displaying 3D graphics. It consists of a "Demo mode" that plays back beautiful 3DCG movies and a "Benchmark mode" that measures CPU performance.

Special features of N-Bench3: - New 3DCG engine based on Microsoft(R) DirectX(R) 9.0 technology. - All 3DCG, music, and special effects are renewed. - "Speed Bench",measure the time to complete the task. - Corresponds to 3DNow!(TM) Professional technology and SSE2 instruction of the Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4. - CPU benchmark test which is not influenced by the graphic performance. - 3D benchmark test which work on XGA.

Download Vulpine GLmark

Vulpine?GLmark is a comprehensive benchmark platform, based on a commercially sold, freely licensable high-performance 3D engine that will be used in a number of forthcoming games. It takes full advantage of an extremely wide variety of features provided by the graphics card, including support for the latest extensions to the OpenGL standard, like Texture Shaders and Vertex Programs. Multiple compatibility modes make it possible to compare multiple generations of 3D accelerators under identical conditions, and a stylish demo mode with soundtrack provides a truly stunning audio-visual experience.

Download X-Isle

X-Isle: Dinosaur Island is an educational demo that leverages the technology and art of the upcoming title X-Isle published by Ubisoft. X-Isle: Dinosaur Island educates the player about the wonderful world of dinosaurs. Leveraging the OpenGL-driven CryENGINE and the GeForce3 nfiniteFX engine to create a Jurassic Park-like environment rendered in real-time, X-Isle: Dinosaur Island leverages the power of the GeForce3 to highlight the most advanced 3D, real-time graphics ever seen in educational software.Dive into the magnificent and colorful world of the age of the dinosaurs in this educational demo, and explore how these prehistoric creatures lived in harmony with their natural flora. Features state-of-the-art technologies such as Vertex and Pixel Shaders, per-pixel lighting and volumetric shadowing in real-time, bump-mapping, detail-texturing, real-time dynamic reflection and refraction (predator) effects, hardware hierarchical skeletal animations, and many other features.

Download XP Bench

Despite the name, XPBench is not really designed to be a skinning benchmark program (we suggest checking out programs like SkinBench for that). Rather, XPBench is specifically designed to query which Windows XP features a video card/driver combination supports and then to demonstrate the performance improvements supporting the XP API's makes. At this time, XPBench checks for the following: 1. Does the driver support constant alpha blending (this improves the performance of fade effects as an example) 2. Does the driver support per pixel alpha blending (window shadows make use of this).

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